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Owners of dogs are being cautioned due to the “very high” quantity of lead in dog food.

Reading Time: 3 minutes After finding significant levels of hazardous lead in dog food, researchers concluded that canines were at risk of lead poisoning. According to researchers from the University of Cambridge, shotgun pellets were found in “very high” proportions in raw pheasant pet food. Lead poisoning is possible due to “very high” lead concentrations in some dog chow. […]

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Best Vegan Dog Food

Reading Time: 4 minutes So, what is the Best Vegan Dog food, and are you going to be turning your dog into a vegan? If you are wondering what you are considering turning your dog into a vegan. But several questions will formulate to your head. Is Vegan healthy food for my dog? Will it suffice the needed nutrition? […]

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High Fiber Dog Food

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is High Fiber Dog Food? High Fiber Diets are diets that contain a higher proportion of fiber than the average commercial diet. They can help with weight loss, managing diabetes, and controlling blood cholesterol levels. High-fiber dog food is becoming more popular for dogs because it provides many health benefits to both people and […]

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