What Does It Mean if Dog Food is Made in the USA?

When buying dog food, there will always be an accompanying risk if you don’t check the formulas or the ingredients used in it. It is a mandatory inspection for every pet owner to know if the dog food you are going to buy has a “Made in the USA” label. If it has this label, then you can now release all your worries.

The Regulator

The Federal Trade Commission or the FTC regulates the “Made in the USA” labels, which means that all the products intended to humans and pets are either made from all or virtually all products from the USA. Hence, the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) regulates and monitors the sale of animal feed and pet food. For your diet, it is the FDA, and for your pet, it is the AAFCO.

Now to elaborate such claims, ‘Made in the USA,’ the AAFCO defines the phrase as “all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of US origin.” Also, the product contains no foreign content.

However, the FDA has its own set of strict definitions for the terms that can be used on the product labels, but it is otherwise to the pet food manufacturer. Since there are no strict definitions, then it means to say that the manufacturer can put any ingredients that they like.

Aside from the ingredients used, it also includes the packaging and the production of the food. If, by any chance, that a company uses a specific product from another country, then it must include a disclaimer on the packaging. Thus, it should be labeled like this, “Made in the USA with Rabbit from Spain.” 


This label is only a precautionary measure to avoid the incident that happened in 2007, wherein it is considered as one of the largest pet food recalls in recent history. It was all due to the contaminated ingredients that were imported from China. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t generalize and assume that all foreign ingredients are not good for your dog. 

 Inspect the ingredients. Consult a veterinarian. Remember that the life and health of your dog are at risk if you don’t read the label carefully.