Fresh Pet Reviews

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When compared side by side, we want to present our Fresh Pet reviews as nearly 3x better and show the price of their old brand; but considering that they’re eating less because they’re getting more nutrition per kibble, it makes sense. And as an added benefit: there’s no corn, wheat, soy, etc. Fresh Pet, our dogs don’t feel like they’re “starving to death” after eating like they sometimes felt with their previous food (y’know? Like all that food didn’t fill them up). We will explain more faqs in this Fresh pet review.

Fresh pet reviews

Who makes Fresh Pet?

Fresh Pet is a new pet food company with nutritious pet foods, treats, and accessories. Fresh Pet was started in the United States in 2015 by two brothers who saw an opportunity to create a better product for their dog’s diet at home.

What’s in Fresh Pet?

Fresh Pet is made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. It contains no wheat, corn, soy, or gluten, and it does not contain any by-products. Their treats are free of artificial flavors, colors & preservatives.

Is Fresh Pet safe for my dog?

Yes! Their products are tested in the United States to the fullest extent by an independent 3rd party lab that tests for 150 potential contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides. The results come back negative every time. Are Fresh Pets treats healthier than regular dog biscuits? Yes! They have less saturated fats, so they help keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and fresher breath, too, While being lower in calories, so you don’t have to feel bad about giving them more!

Is Fresh Pet Vet approved?

While Fresh Pet does not have a formal partnership with any veterinarians, they receive feedback from many vets who purchase and feed the food to their pets.

Can Fresh Pet be Frozen?

The short answer is yes. Fresh Pet products can be frozen and thawed in your refrigerator or microwave. For dog food, we recommend mixing it up between two different bags, that way; you never have to worry about one of them going bad while the other sits in your freezer for months on end. If you plan on freezing any of their treats, we’d recommend doing so before giving them out to your pup – store them in a freezer baggie or particular container, so they don’t get dirty or wet throughout the process!

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How long will Fresh Pet last?

One of our favorite things about Fresh Pet is how long it lasts. Depending on what size bag you’re using, your dog’s current weight & if they’re getting just kibble.

What is the difference between kibble and canned foods?

Fresh Pet differentiates itself from other pet food companies by making its food patented. They mix all ingredients into a dough-like form; then, they extrude the mixture through a small opening. This controls each piece of kibble to be an optimal size for your dog based on their specific needs (i.e., large breed, small breed, etc.).

How do I feed Fresh pets to my dog?  

Our dogs eat Fresh Pet twice a day as directed – we mix about 1/2 cup of kibbles with about 1/4 can of wet food at each mealtime. A simple way we most commonly do this is: we microwave the

Some of our favorite Fresh Pet products are their Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, grain-free treats, and the Dogzymes multivitamins.

How much does Fresh Pet cost?

A standard 20-pound bag costs around $17.99, which is about $1.40 per pound: this isn’t much more than their old brand, so we feel like our dogs are eating better while spending the same amount of money!

Where can I purchase it?

At the moment, Fresh Pet is available in all their product lines at Petsmart. You can also order online on their website for home delivery or pick up in-store if you live near a Petsmart or another store that carries it!

How often should I feed my Pet Fresh Pet?

Unlike most other foods, Fresh Pet believes in feeding your pet based on weight rather than age. This means you’d provide your pup less than what the bag says, but just because they’re bigger doesn’t mean they need more either! The recommended amount to feed your dog daily is 1 pound (of body weight) per 10 pounds (of body weight). For example: if your dog weighs 50 lbs, it will eat 2 cups daily.

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How do you transition your dogs onto Fresh Pet food?

When we transitioned our dogs onto Fresh Pet, we used a “cold turkey” method. This means no transitioning! We just started with the new food and ate their old food until it was gone in about 7-10 days (ideally).

Is it okay to feed my dog more than one kind of Fresh Pet?

It’s always recommended not to feed your Pet two different foods because it can upset their stomachs and make them sick. However, since Fresh Pet is all-natural, fresh ingredients, there shouldn’t be any problems feeding them multiple kinds from this brand.

How long will a 20lb bag last me?

This will depend on your dog’s weight, but you should get around 7-10 days with one 20lb bag.

Is Fresh Pet only available at Petsmart?

At the moment, Fresh Pet is open to all distribution channels, but it’s specifically targeted at Petsmart because that’s where most people who buy pet food go!

What are some of your favorite Fresh Pet products?

Our favorite product lines are their grain-free salmon & sweet potato recipe (the website says it has carrots; we didn’t see any), grain-free treats (they make great training treats!), and Dogzymes multivitamins. Do you have anything else to add about Fresh Pet? If you’re looking for better quality dog food without breaking the bank, consider trying out Fresh Pet!

Is Freshpet food safe for dogs?

The answer is a resounding yes! Freshpet food is not only safe for dogs, but it’s also nourishing and delectable. Freshpet food is devoid of artificial preservatives, tastes, or colors because it is made from all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, to ensure quality and freshness, Freshpet meals are produced in small batches. So if you’re searching for a nutritious and tasty dog food option, Freshpet is an excellent choice!

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Is Freshpet being recalled?

No, Freshpet is not currently being recalled. However, the company has had to recall some of its products in the past due to bacterial contamination. In 2015, the company recalled two types of dog food due to possible salmonella contamination. In 2016, it recalled a type of cat food for the same reason. If you have any concerns about Freshpet products, you should contact the company directly.


We are pleased to say our dogs have been eating Fresh Pet for about six months now, so we feel confident in the quality of the food. Our dogs love it, and they never get tired of it. We’ll be sticking with Fresh Pet for sure!

Thank you for reading our Fresh Pet review! Check out their website here if you’re looking to switch your pups over to this new brand.

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