High Fiber Dog Food

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What is High Fiber Dog Food? High Fiber Diets are diets that contain a higher proportion of fiber than the average commercial diet. They can help with weight loss, managing diabetes, and controlling blood cholesterol levels. High-fiber dog food is becoming more popular for dogs because it provides many health benefits to both people and pets alike.

People are already aware of the role and benefit a high fiber dog food could offer in the diet program. Fiber is best known to provide bulk to food so that it will keep moving efficiently through your body. It is a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest. Although it is made up of several carbohydrates that are broken down into sugar molecules, these fiber does not know which is why it passes through the body undigested. Because of its beneficial effects, some manufacturers of pet food began making high-fiber diets for dogs.

Dog food high in fiber

For a dog to start taking fiber, then the following are some of the health benefits it provides:

  • Slows down the digestive process, which lessens the impact on his blood sugar levels.
  • Fiber absorbs water and adds bulk to your dog’s stool.
  • Reduces the caloric density
  • It helps to move foods through your dog’s digestive system. With this, there is less time for carcinogenic materials to be absorbed through the intestinal tract.
  • Increases the moisture content of your dog’s stool; thus, it treats diarrhea
  • Regulates the body’s use of sugars. Although diabetes is so rare for dogs, precautionary measures are not harmful to do so.
  • Keeps you full. Helps to keep hunger
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The Benefits of High Fiber Dog Food:

– Weight Loss – High-fiber dog food is beneficial because it helps promote weight loss by satisfying hunger without adding many calories to the total caloric intake. Adding high-fat foods into this type of diet plan will usually cause weight gain instead.

– Diabetes Management – Since high fiber diets are low on sugars and starches they cannot lead to spikes in blood sugar levels which make them perfect for managing.

Fiber indeed plays a vital role in your dog’s diet. Fermentability is fiber’s important characteristic. It is defined as how well the food can be broken down by bacteria. However, people have longer digestive tracts wherein fermented fiber creates short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), which are the principal energy source for the cells lining the intestinal tract, but it is contrary to the dogs. Dogs have a shorter digestive tract, which doesn’t particularly suit well. It is still essential to balance the quantity of fiber your dog is taking.

Dogs taking too much high fiber level of food can cause an upset stomach and other digestive tract problems and also interferes with the proper nutrient absorption. Dogs are carnivorous. They are more satisfied with meat rather than with plant-derived food. Yes, they can survive, but those were not the food they are thriving on.


Now, if you are still planning to give a high-fiber diet for dogs, then feed them enough to balance the pyramid of nutrients. It should be not too much and not too little. You can either buy a commercial high fiber dog food or make your own homemade high fiber food. Lastly, consult your dog’s veterinarian for a specific recommendation regarding the high fiber formula that is best for your dog.

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