Top Raw Dog Food Brands

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This is my list of the top raw dog food brands. In this list, I’ve tried to represent all possible options one can have when going for a raw diet, but most important: This is not an ordered ranking!

Top Raw Dog Food Brands

I’d recommend that you don’t put too much weight on my preferences regarding certain companies and products because I’m in no position to make such judgments. The items on this list are there because they are great products or at least OK/GOOD enough, …not necessarily because of my preference. Sometimes it’s just better to let others provide feedback about their experiences with various brands than me writing whatever comes into my mind based on my own limited experience.  So please take all info here as guidance only and do your own research. It’s all about YOUR dog, after all, not mine or anyone else.

This raw diet list is a snapshot of early 2021 and will most likely change over time as I continue to find new information regarding the benefits of this diet for our pups and other pets!

These brands are listed in no particular order (except maybe by popularity) and do not represent an endorsement one way or another. I’ve chosen these companies based on their products, offering, quality of ingredients used, etc… but without any specific order as they all have great products of good enough quality for your dog’s needs. They are also not listed in any order regarding my personal preference towards their offerings, either positive or negative.

In no particular order:

Best Raw dog food Brands


For many years now, Bramble Berry has offered a huge selection of high-quality supplements, which has made it possible for you to create your own ‘raw’ diet at home without having to mix everything yourself from scratch. Their BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) mixes reflect what we feed our dogs based on the same fresh meat products that we feed them ourselves every day + supplements that will help provide the correct balance and nutrition needed by your canine friend + additional trace minerals as well as a nice variety of add-in’s to make the diet more interesting.

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They have everything you need from a daily vitamin supplement, omega 3/6/9 oils, probiotics, green foods, herbs, etc… and they are always happy to help if you need advice on how to use their products together for your dog’s special needs.

Barfworld has a wide selection of different quality brands such as Wellness / Eagle Pack / Solid Gold / Canidae, to mention a few, but also many others that I haven’t mentioned here – check it out! : BarWorld’s website

They carry both dehydrated raw food and freeze-dried raw food now, which is great because it gives a lot more choices to the consumer.

Included in their offerings are also frozen raw food and some refrigerated/fresh food if you prefer that over freeze-dried but within the same brands mentioned above.

They have an option for every dog, from adult dogs and puppies to senior dogs with all kinds of different needs, etc…

My personal favorite BARF mixes are: The Canidae All Life Stages – Lamb Meal & Rice 30lb Bag and  Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food Chicken Entree for Adult Dogs 5lb bag. I’ve used them both with outstanding results so far.

My personal favorite raw dog food brand, Choceur, offers various premade frozen patties and complete meals that are perfect for when you’re in a hurry to feed your dog without having to cook or mix anything yourself beforehand. They have various stuffings such as ground lamb, venison/rabbit, beef, etc… and you can even purchase just the patty with casings on instead of buying the entire product, which is great if you want to test them out first before buying large quantities.

So far, I’ve tried their venison one, which was quite nice but didn’t serve it that long of a time period before I ran out (2-3 weeks) because they were all eaten up by my pack. 

I have not tried their lamb ones yet, but I’m pretty sure they are great too because the venison one was delicious and they were quite popular with my dogs which isn’t that surprising considering how much they love anything with a lot of meat in it (if it’s not super hot or spicy).

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Choceur is owned by Champion Petfoods, another one of my favorite frozen raw dog food brands, Stella & Chewys. They’ve made some improvement since I last purchased anything from them several years ago. However, there is still room for more, so I can only give them 4/5 stars at this time because lately there hasn’t been any new products added to their line-up, and the quality of their packaging on some of the products has been iffy (not as good as previously, a little bit cheaper feeling). However, I’m still happy with them overall.

Stella & Chewy’s

If you’re looking for a great premade raw dog food with meaty bones that your dogs will absolutely love, then this is the one to go with. It’s made of all-natural ingredients, including organs as well 🙂  I’ve tried both their Ground Chicken patties with casings and just ground chicken/turkey patties without casings and really liked them both! The only thing keeping me from giving Stella & Chewys 5 stars is because I think they have room for improvements in the packaging department, not the quality of their inwards, though (only packaging).

They have an excellent selection of products. Personally, I’m thrilled with their Ground chicken patties, The Chicken Blend with bones that have casings, and their ground turkey patties with casings and ground beef patties without casings.

New to my raw dog food list is Petcurean Canada which owns both Nulo & Evangers. Both are outstanding frozen raw dog food brands!

Nulo is a newer brand on the block, but they’ve already established themselves pretty nicely. They offer various complete meals and individual protein parts such as fish, salmon, etc… which are perfect for when you’re in a hurry to decide what to feed your dog. You can always buy the individual protein parts and mix them yourself or buy the complete meals if that’s easier for you.

They have 5-star reviews from several of my fellow raw feeding friends who use it regularly. I also like how they let their customers know exactly what goes into their food which is important when dealing with pets. Everything works differently on every dog, so there really isn’t any “one size fits all” type of solution. So far, I’ve only tried their Ground turkey with bones meal, but it was perfect!

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***UPDATE: After trying many other brands since this review was first written, Nulo has not been tried again yet – just read the update to see why.

There are multiple raw food options on the market these days. Some claim you can feed dogs a raw diet with absolutely no cooking, while others suggest that you need to cook some of the ingredients to make it safer and healthier for your dog. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place where we could look up which brands cooked their food and which allowed us to do all of the cooking ourselves? Well, there is! So without further ado, here’s my list of the 10 best raw dog food brands! Just remember that just because I feel one brand is better than another doesn’t mean you will too! The truth is, what works best for your dog may not work best for mine. 

Rachel Tyler