Is Vegan Dog Food Any Good?

Vegetarian diet or Vegan is a plant-derived food, which means no meat, fish, or poultry is allowed. If you are a vegetarian itself and if you have a pet dog, you are considering turning your dog to a vegan. But several questions will formulate to your head. Is Vegan healthy food for my dog? Will it suffice the needed nutrition?

Dogs thrive primarily on meat. They are known to be carnivorous animals with their long and sharp canine teeth that could tear meat or flesh easily. However, despite being considered as the descent from wolves, dogs are described these days as either carnivorous or omnivorous. From being a predator or scavenger, they can fully adapt to human behavior, including the wide-ranging diet. This act turns them to be not entirely dependent on meat-specific protein or not to eat a very high level of protein to fill their essential dietary requirements. Just like you, as their friend or owner, they can survive by eating plants, except for those plants or vegetables that are known to be poisonous to them.


In line with that, it is safe to say that Vegan food will not harm your beloved dog. But, if you don’t be cautious at all, harm will occur. So whether you plan on making your homemade or buying a commercialized Vegan food, you must keep in mind to check the ingredients carefully and see to it that it is safe for your dogs.

Key Points:

Now that you are considering a vegan diet for your dog, you must always keep in mind that food is a thing that must not be taken lightly. One mistake may lead to some illness or worse death. With that, we will give you some key points to remember.

  1. If you are planning to breed your dog, never feed them with a vegan diet.
  2. Puppies are not yet ready to eat vegan food.
  3. Check if there is a label ‘Made in the USA.’
  4. When buying a commercialized vegan food, always check the label if the food meets the standard requirement of AAFCO or the Association of American Feed Control Officials compliance.
  5. If you are still in doubt and you need a professional to make you fully understand, then consult a veterinary nutritionist to analyze your commercial or homemade vegetarian diet. Seek recommendations if necessary.


Moreover, vegan food is healthy food for your dog if you are cautious with the mentioned key points or the Dos and Don’ts. But, before you take some action, always remember to consult a veterinarian first. BTW, we recommend this food below.