What is Bixbi dog food?

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Bixbi dog food is a nutritionally balanced, veterinarian-formulated homemade diet for dogs developed by Dr. Jacqueline O’Brien and her colleagues. It is designed to be fed exclusively to adult dogs (over 12 months old) with no diseases or health concerns that an all-meat diet could exacerbate. Bixbi dog food uses real animal meat as its only source of nutrition. No grains, vegetables, or carbohydrates are added; therefore, it contains no sugars, starches, fillers, or preservatives. The main ingredient in Bixbi dog food is the beef heart which provides complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. This is combined with single ingredients from other sources such as chicken breast and turkey necks.

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What makes Bixbi Dog Food Anti-Inflammatory?

The Bixbi system is complete dog food for maximum immunity. It contains Vit C, which is helpful to scavenge free radicals and promotes good health in dogs. This supplement contains three natural ingredients: inactivated whole cells of lactic acid bacteria, sodium chloride (salt), and vitamin C.

The protein content in this homemade diet varies based on whether you add chicken or turkey necks and how much fat your butcher removes. When I make dog food, it contains 20% chicken necks. This will result in protein content of 80%.

Is Bixbi Worth The Price?

A 50 lb bag of Bixbi dry dog food costs $130 before shipping and tax. According to some testimonials on the Bixbi Dog Food, this works out to $0.27 per meal for the first ten months of your dog’s life, assuming you feed 2 cans daily, which is less than most people do, according to some testimonials on the Bixbi Dog Food website. I buy my Bixbi Dog Food at Rocket Pet in Atlanta when they have a sale (typically 25% off) plus any coupons available online Adding 10% sales tax brings the cost to $163, but that means I get 33 lbs for making 63 meals for my dogs instead of 50 lbs, so it all evens out.

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What Makes Bixbi dog food unique?

Bixbi dog food is an all-natural, complete, and balanced homemade diet for dogs. It’s a nutrient-rich meat-based diet that provides everything your dog needs to live a healthy life – including 75% beef heart (no other ingredients), vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Bixbi is also high in protein, low sugar/carbohydrate, and free of fillers, preservatives, and additives often found in processed pet foods.

The only other thing I would feed my dogs is BARF, but it’s a bit more expensive and messy since it requires raw meat plus another supplement. Since Bixbi dog food can be used as a complete diet without supplementation, I chose this brand instead of BARF.

No comparison between Bixbi Dog Food & Processed Pet Foods

Bixbi dog food amazed me at how simple the ingredients are. There is no processed pet food in sight! That says a lot considering that 80 percent of the pet foods sold on markets, grocery stores, and online shops contain corn, wheat, or soy fillers which are cheap sources of protein your pets cannot digest well, leading to stomach issues such as diarrhea, hairball, and so on.

The smell is horrendous when I feed my pets with cheap dog food. When you compare the nutrition facts between Bixbi Dog Food & Processed Pet Foods, you will be just as shocked as me read those facts! Not to mention that dogs are carnivores by nature – they need meat, not corn or wheat garbage like most pet foods contain!

What makes Bixbi Dog Food Anti-Inflammatory?

Bixbi dog food is a rich omega 3, which helps reduce joint inflammation. This is because the body needs three types of fatty acids; omega 3, 6, and 9. Usually, dogs get their omega-3 from fish oils or salmon, but those are not ingredients you will find in processed pet foods (I know what I was feeding my dogs before), so if you provide your pets with processed dog food, then they don’t have proper nutrients to reduce inflammation. By switching to Bixbi Dog Food, these animals can live without any issues, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that help them keep moving without losing too much energy.

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Here’s the Ingredients List:

Water sufficient for processing, beef hearts (75%), whole dried egg, pea starch, natural flavors, flaxseed oil, salt, potassium chloride, vitamin E supplement, zinc proteinate and chelated minerals (iron proteinate), choline chloride, copper proteinate, and chelated minerals (copper proteinate), manganese proteinate and chelated minerals (manganese proteinate), calcium iodate

No Additives or Preservatives

This dog food is preservative-free which guarantees your pet’s safety. If you want to use this as a complete diet without worries about health issues, pay attention to Bixbi’s expiration date. Some people recommend freezing the batch every three months; otherwise, some may find the food be harder to digest.

What about Breeds with Digestive Issues?

Bixbi Dog Food helps pets such as pups whose stomachs are still developing. Other advantages include improvement in skin, coat, and overall health. Bixbi Dog Food is also used for pets with allergies and/or skin conditions because of its Omega 3 properties, reducing inflammation.

Is This Food Grain-Free?

Absolutely! No corn, wheat, or soy fillers will be found in this food as they are not nutritious at all – they contain gluten that can cause an upset stomach if your pet suffers from allergies. With Bixbi dog food, you will have peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are getting what they need to maintain good health throughout their lives.

Bixbi Dog Food has nothing artificial, and it’s an excellent diet for dogs with digestive issues & sensitive tummies. It’s grain-free, so it benefits dogs with allergies and skin conditions who find it challenging to digest fillers which are cheap sources of protein your pets cannot digest well, leading to stomach issues such as diarrhea, hairball, and so on.

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How about the Guarantee?

Bixbi is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if your pet doesn’t like it! They encourage satisfied customers to spread the word so others can try it. It’s great to see such confidence in the company. The only thing that might make people not buy Bixbi Dog Food is its higher cost than other brands (but with coupons available!). If you want to save money sometime later, then perhaps purchasing smaller amounts would be more convenient).

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