Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food

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Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food HiPro Plus is an excellent product for your dog. It comes with all the nutrients and vitamins that are required to keep your pet healthy. The food contains many proteins, amino acids, and minerals that improve your pet’s coat condition with minimal shedding. This dry dog food also decreases flatulence and increases intestinal movement, thereby improving bowel movements. The product also improves skin condition by reducing itching, especially during hot seasons or in case your dog has allergies. The oil content in this dog food helps promote body temperature, thus reducing heat stroke if your dog spends most of its time outdoors. It prevents rashes that flea bites may cause, so it is good for dogs highly allergic to flea bites.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food
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Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food bad for dogs?

Yes, it can be bad if you give your dog the wrong amount. It is a good product but may not work for all dogs, as mentioned above. In addition, regardless of the brand, you decide to use for your dog, always check that it is well balanced. If not, talk to your veterinarian or a nutritionist and ask them to recommend another brand that can be used instead.

As mentioned above, customers who have used this product claim it improves their dogs’ health in several ways. It makes their dog healthier and more energetic than before. According to some users, after using this product, their dogs had increased appetite, so they ate better than before. One customer reported that his German Shepherd gained weight but was able to keep fit with many exercises, which made him happy because he did not have any problem with obesity.

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Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry dog food worth it?

Yes, this brand is worth the price if you can afford it. It provides your pet with all the nutrients required to keep its body healthy and fit. The product comes in different varieties, making it easy for you to get one that meets your dog’s needs as far as nutritional content is concerned.

Is there any alternative?

Most similar products on the market have many advantages, but they also come with some disadvantages, which may not be good for your dog, at least in terms of cost and quality of health benefits compared to what Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food has. However, given their prices, one cannot compare them since they belong to two different ranges (Victor being expensive).

If you cannot afford this product, a good alternative is Ol’ Roy. Though the choices are many, this particular product comes with fat content, which could be problematic when used for a long.

Where to purchase Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food?

Since this is a costly product, we advise you to look for it in the market rather than ordering it online. However, if you cannot find it in your local stores, buying online may be the next option. The good thing with online purchases is that they are available at cheaper rates, so you can get more variety and choose larger packages containing several bags of food depending on what recommended feeding instructions say (usually about one month supply). Plus, most delivery services are free and delivered within 24 hours or less. So if you want to buy a large package, then purchase from Amazon because they have great customer service and support. Many customers who bought this dog food say their orders were delivered quickly without any problems, which made them.

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The best place to buy it online is Amazon, as its price ranges from $16 to $28 depending on the quantity and flavor you choose. This online store provides quality services to its clients, including free shipping of the order if your total amount exceeds $35. In addition, you can also check other pet supplies available on the same page, like dry dog food for puppies or senior dogs, among others. You can click through their website, where they have made everything easy to buy the product without any stress.


Beef, beef by-products, corn gluten meal, soybean flour, wheat bran, natural flavor, cane molasses, yeast culture, calcium carbonate, salt, and potassium chloride.

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein Not less than 22% Crude Fat Not less than 10% Crude Fiber Not more than 5% Moisture Not more than 10% Magnesium Not more than 0.1 % Phosphorus Not less than 1.0 % Vitamin E (alphatocopherol) 50 IU/kg min Vitamins: Niacin (nicotinic acid), a-tocopherol acetate 2 mg/kg min L-carnitine* 10 mg/kg min * Not less than 0.5% of total fatty acids

Calorie Content: 3900 kcal/kg (283 kcal per 8oz. cup).

Feeding Guide

Bodyweight/size Small Dogs Medium Dogs Large Dogs Appropriate food (cups) 1-10 lbs 4-6 cups 11-20 lbs 5-7 cups 21-40 lbs 6-8 cups 41+ lbs 8+ cups Food for Growing Puppies (cups/day) Under 10 weeks 3 to 5 times bodyweight, split into two meals 10 weeks – 12 months old 2 to 3 times bodyweight, split into two meals Over 12 months old 5/8 to ¾ of body weight, split into two meals.

This pet food is suitable for:

• Puppies at the age of 8 weeks and above (after being weaned)

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• Adult dogs from large breed to small breed. They should be fed per their size and weight. However, it must not be used for pregnant or lactating female dogs as they need special diet supplements during this period. This guide can only serve as a general rule since every dog is different, so you should consult your local vet before giving this product to your dog. Besides, kittens and puppies also have nutritional needs that are dissimilar, thus making it hard for them to consume; split into two meals Over 12 months old Feed ½ that of an adult dog’s amount until 20lbs and then ¼ Adult dog’s amount Over 20lbs Feed ¼ that of an adult dog’s amount until 40lbs and then ⅛ Adult Dog’s amount Over 40lbs Feed 1/16 that of an adult dog’s amount.

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